Molecular Contractility, Molecular Motors and Microscopy Research Group

Understanding how the cytoskeleton contributes to cell movement and contractility.

images of cancer cells

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We are interested in the structure and function of the contractile apparatus of muscle; the myofibril, the structure and functions of the myosin superfamily, the molecular motors kinesin and dynein, and microtubule associated proteins. Read more

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The other key interest of the lab is super-resolution microscopy!  Alistair Curd has developed some great software recently published in Nanoletters...


We recently published the structure of the shutdown state of full length smooth muscle myosin in nature The structure shows...


Two highly regarded researchers in the ‘muscle’ field, died this year – Professor John Trinick and Professor Gerald Offer.  We are...


The Advanced Imaging Centre (AIC) has many visitors from many different places, who come to use their advanced imaging equipment. We're here for iPALM, and its working well so far!