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About us

We are interested in the structure and function of the contractile apparatus of muscle; the myofibril, the structure and functions of the myosin superfamily, the molecular motors kinesin and dynein, and microtubule associated proteins. Read more


Finding patterns in super-resolution data

The other key interest of the lab is super-resolution microscopy!  Alistair Curd has developed some great software recently published in Nanoletters to find patterns in 3D super-resolution datasets: We used this technique to analyse nuclear pore data, DNA origami and our favourite cells, cardiomyocytes! Software is available here

Structure of shutdown smooth muscle myosin

We recently published the structure of the shutdown state of full length smooth muscle myosin in nature The structure shows how phosphorylation of the regulatory light chains could activate the myosin, and this is likely to be conserved for the non-muscle myosin isoforms.  Take a look!  We're continuing to work on the structure of function...

Meeting for John Trinick and Gerald Offer: January 10th 2020, Leeds

Two highly regarded researchers in the ‘muscle’ field, died this year – Professor John Trinick and Professor Gerald Offer.  We are planning a meeting to honour their life and work, and look forward to future developments. Coiled coils, myosin, titin and striated muscle: A reflection on the contributions of John Trinick and Gerald Offer. January 10th...

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